The Technological Transformation of Ceramic Tile Production

Process Integration: Enhancing Efficiency with Innovative Software.

In the world of industry, where competition is increasingly fierce and efficiency is the key to success, process integration has become critical to remaining competitive.

A key element of this integration are software designed specifically to manage and optimize operations and provide information to maximize results.

I-TECH is committed to offering the best software solutions to integrate its machines and installations so that they can seamlessly integrate and interface with other software existing of our customers (ERP , SCADA, MES).

Our range of software solutions offers comprehensive and efficient commodity management with a focus on data analysis.

Our LIMES® software suite for data analysis is designed to extract maximum value from production information.
Through a sophisticated process of collection, processing and analysis, we are able to extract a wide range of process key performance indicators (KPIs).

These include pivotal metrics such as production performance, operational efficiency, cycle times, and more. Informed data-driven decisions become the engine that drives the company toward smart, future-oriented management.

In an ever-changing market, investing in innovative software solutions is the key to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring long-term success.