The Technological Transformation of Ceramic Tile Production

Current Challenges for Tanners: Balancing Sustainability and Innovation, Introducing COLOR HERE for Managing Colored Mixtures in Leather Finishing!

Tanners face numerous challenges in a rapidly evolving global market. The increasing focus on sustainability necessitates the adoption of more eco-friendly production processes, reducing environmental impact and improving energy efficiency. Additionally, international competition demands continuous improvement in product quality and innovation to maintain industry leadership.

Digitalization and process automation represent both an opportunity and a challenge, requiring significant investments and staff training. Waste and wastewater management is another critical area, with increasingly stringent regulations necessitating advanced solutions.

I-TECH‘s solution is a comprehensive system designed to enhance productivity in tanning processes, from the preparation of colored mixtures to leather finishing. Designed as an integrated solution interconnected with other business management software and existing plants, the ColorHere system ensures production efficiency and introduces Industry 4.0 processes.

The system covers various production areas, including the storage of liquid raw materials, product transfer, retrieval and reintroduction of validated products, and container washing. It enables advanced internal management, measuring process performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The solution consists of both hardware and integrated software called L.I.M.E.S (Lean Industry Manufacturing Execution Software). It includes advanced technologies such as autonomous guided vehicles, automatic dosing systems, and storage and recirculation systems, drastically reducing raw material and water consumption, as well as waste and emissions, lowering costs, and improving work performance.

The L.I.M.E.S software manages the entire production process, automating intralogistic deliveries, reducing overproduction and underproduction, and tracking batches to monitor internal workflow. Additionally, the system is designed to minimize environmental impact by managing and reducing chemical discharges and wastewater, promoting eco-sustainability and respect for people.

In an increasingly competitive and sustainability-focused global market, Italian tanners must tackle complex and multidimensional challenges. The adoption of eco-friendly production processes, constant innovation, and digitalization are crucial for maintaining industry leadership.

In this context, integrated solutions like those offered by I-TECH provide essential support. The ColorHere system, with its combination of advanced hardware and L.I.M.E.S software, not only improves production efficiency and reduces costs but also promotes a sustainable approach to resource and waste management.