The Technological Transformation of Ceramic Tile Production

I-NKFILLER® is the original and most installed automatic ink filling system entirely designed and built by I-TECH to automatically, cost-effectively and quickly refill digital printers’ tanks on line.

Today we want to introduce two versions of the traditional I-NKFILLER® suitable for all customers who need to refill more than 3 digital printers at the same time.


I-Tech can provide the right solution for every need: in this case the revolutionary ink filling system is managed by a single remote control panel from which it will be possible to manage all SMARTYs.

Both the PRO system and the ULTRA system can be equipped with IBC tanks of three sizes: 500lt, 700lt, 1300lt which will be equipped with a 4-point recirculation system to prevent sedimentation.



The number of products to be sent to the printers does not determine the version of the I-NKFILLER® system, what determines the model is the number of printers to be fed and the respective distance from them.

In this case, if the distance is greater than 50m, you will be provided with an I-NKFILLER® ULTRA which is the only I-Tech system to manage printers even over large distances.

This differs from the PRO version only for the recirculation system into the pipes that runs from the tank of the digital machine to the SMARTYs and also because the filtration of the product before reaching the printer tanks will take place directly on the Refill Skid placed close to each printer in order to guarantee the highest quality of the product before use, while for the PRO version they are always placed onto the Smarty.




  • Remote HDMI controller on separate 7″ electrical control panel
  • Max 64 numbers of connectable printers
  • Positioning sensors on each valve
  • Expandable and accessorized
  • Available in 500, 700, 1300 lt
  • For over 50m distances ULTRA version available