Empowering Growth through Digital Innovation

Growth in today’s landscape demands evolution, innovation, and progress. A forward-thinking company
must harness the potential of the digital age, constantly refining its business strategies to maximize the
efficiency of every operation.

I-Tech is committed to enhancing the environment and working conditions of its clients. Through a focus
on innovation and the automation of business processes, our goal is to simplify and expedite tasks for
every operator.

Different Software Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

To achieve this, we offer an extensive array of software solutions that seamlessly integrate with I-Tech
systems or can be independently purchased. Our lean manufacturing execution software stands out,
providing comprehensive tools for the efficient management of raw materials.

Our software optimizes production workflows, enhances efficiency, and ensures precision in resource utilization. It’s a strategic choice for businesses seeking streamlined operations and continuous improvement.

Partner with I-Tech for Manufacturing Excellence

Partnering with I-Tech SRL equips your business with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive
landscape. Our lean manufacturing execution software is a cornerstone in enhancing productivity and
operational excellence.

More ecological

More safe

More easy


Remote use

Thanks to our software it will no longer be necessary to manually carry out the activities. I-Tech technology is designed to carry out any operation in a digital and automatic way, thus allowing an easy and intuitive use even from long distances.

Reduction of work times and costs

The automation of processes results in a drastic reduction of time and working costs, resulting from the simplification of each operation.

Reduction of product waste

The use of our software not only allows operations to be carried out more quickly, but also with more precision. The margins of error will be significantly reduced and in this way product waste will decrease, impacting not only economically but also on the environment.

Supervision, data analysis and reporting

The importance of digital transformation derives from the fact that operators will dispose of all the data, information and process analysis in real time for a constant supervision


Our software allows an interconnection of the entire company in order to have constant control over the various production activities and achieve full industrial efficiency. In this way, greater process control is transformed into better performance and less effort.

Reduction of margin errors

Providing the work team with a digital solution means aiming to a reduction of human error thanks to an automation of procedures which translates not only into a continuous improvement of the production process, but also into an improvement in working conditions.