About us

Our production is developed on the following three technological processes:

La nostra produzione si sviluppa sui seguenti tre processi tecnologici, tutti riguardanti prodotti liquidi coloranti:

Our offer is based on the following factors:

I-TECH is recognized as the technological benchmark company for liquid dyestuff preparation and distribution processes. Thanks to continuous investment in research and development, I-TECH is accredited by MISE as an INNOVATIVE SME for the 4th consecutive year.

Operating in various industries, I-TECH’s products and solutions are now available in 40 countries across 4 different continents.

I-TECH has always focused on sharing the following 5 values that unite, but more importantly, empower, the women and men of I-TECH


Passion is an intense emotion and engagement with something we deeply enjoy or care about. It is a feeling that drives us to commit time, energy and effort to what we love. Passion gives us the motivation we need to pursue our goals with enthusiasm and determination.


Perseverance is constancy and steadfastness in the pursuit of your own goals and purposes. Perseverance is following a path taken, supported or motivated by virtuous purpose or sustained by personal belief.


Preparation refers to the act of acquiring knowledge, skills and resources needed to deal with a given activity or situation. It involves careful planning and an appropriate level of organization. Preparation enables us to be ready to meet the challenges we face and to act effectively and efficiently.


La precisione indica l'attenzione ai dettagli e la capacità di svolgere un'attività in modo accurato e corretto. Comporta la capacità di essere esatti, sia nel pensiero che nell'azione. La precisione è importante in molte sfere della vita, come ad esempio nel lavoro, nella scienza, nell'arte e nella comunicazione, poiché ci consente di ottenere risultati di qualità e di evitare errori.


Punctuality refers to the ability to be present or complete a task in the scheduled or agreed time. Being punctual demonstrates respect for others and for one's commitments. It also contributes to efficiency and productivity, as it allows one to organize activities in an orderly manner and maintain good time management. Punctuality is a sign of reliability and can positively affect our personal and professional reputation.