COLORFILLER is a I-Tech compact solution for the automatic filling of different types of containers such as jerry cans or bins up to 15 kg. It can be used in industry for production of chemical products such as inks, additives, solvents, paints.


Information for the Ceramic area

Used by ceramic industries for filling ink jerry cans. Thanks to its filtration system, the shelf-life of the ink, will begin at the time of bottling on site, instead of at the time of the packaging date at the manufacturer. The result is not only to an extension of the shelf-life date of the ink, but, more importantly, to a reduction of problems related to clogging of the printing nozzles (caused by the presence of sediment within the ink).

information for the Tannery area

information for the Packaging area

Utilizzata dai produttori di inchiostri da stampa per l’industria del packaging, COLORFILLER può essere destinata al confezionamento in taniche, secchi o pails di inchiostri a base acqua o solvente. Grazie all’utilizzo di bilance non sono necessarie calibrazioni ad ogni cambio formato e la precisione viene garantita dall’utilizzo di apposite valvole di dosaggio.

Information for the Industrial Coating area