The I-GLAZE system, developed by I-TECH, is designed for the correction and automated additivation of glazes and engobes.


Information for the Ceramic area

Composed of a stainless steel tank equipped with a mechanical agitation system and, thanks to the weighing system with load cells, it is able to accurately measure the weight of each “component” included. In addition, there is a special FLUIDENS sensor which detects (always in real time) the density of the suspension contained in it.

The system is completed by a series of servo-actuated automatic valves and pumps to dispense the various correction additives and for self-cleaning (automatic cleaning). The working logic is set on a PLC while the GUI is realized on an eye-catching HMI.

I-GLAZE can work either stand alone or interconnected to I-Tech’s management software (PPM, GOD or PROCOLOR).

The system can automatically call up the amount of product needed for production, additively, always controlling the final density and keeping it constant throughout the process.

The C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) will clean the entire system thus making it ready in a few moments for the next production avoiding product contamination.

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