The occurrence of a problem or the need to carry out maintenance on a machine often impose the need for a timely response and the physical presence of a technician in order to be able to visually and personally verify the problem.


With I-Tech this is no longer necessary.




I-Tech has decided to enhance its remote assistance service by offering the customer the possibility to connect with technicians in real-time directly from the place where it is necessary to intervene to be assisted through digital media in augmented reality during any assistance operation. Maintenance, installation, replacement or repair has never been so fast and safe.


Thanks to the new I-Tech technology, it is now possible to exchange messages, images, videos, audio and files on a single support archive platform that will remain constantly visible to the customer so that it can be consulted whenever they need it.


Thanks to the augmented reality video call, it is also possible to show the assistant the problem directly from your mobile device, thus without involving movements, machine stops, or the presence of staff in the work area. The assistant, thanks to artificial vision graphic supports such as the ability to draw, annotate or insert symbols on the customer’s screen, will show the procedure to be carried out which the operator can then replicate on the spot in the intervention area.


Through this revolutionary service I-Tech manages to annihilate the geographical distance between itself and the customer to offer an even faster, safer and more effective service!
By downloading the application it will be possible to receive assistance at any time and anywhere in the world, drastically reducing the time and costs of a technician’s intervention.

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