In recent years, I-Tech has intensified and improved its after-sales service to the point of taking care of every aspect of its customer.


Services description


I-Tech offers a pre-sales consultancy service thanks to its team of specialized buying consultants in order to better understand the customer’s needs. It is in fact possible to contact our technicians to receive specific information, quotes or buying assistance in in a very short time. Once contacted, I-Tech will arrange to visit the site to provide advice thanks to the many years of experience of our staff.


Understanding all the I-TECH machines and systems’ services is the first step to make the most of all the products’ advantages and features. For this reason, we offer our customers the possibility to take part to advanced post-sales training courses. In fact, I-Tech has now provided a team of highly qualified engineers, technicians and designers at the service of operators, maintenance personnel or any customer who wishes to receive training or a customized update in our products or our software’s operations. I-Tech therefore organizes periodic training sessions dedicated to the specific needs of each client in the I-Tech headquarter in Sassuolo in order to update everyone about the upgrades or the latest developments in our systems. Participants will have at their disposal simulators and demonstration machines and a team of specialists for every theme. The courses can be followed live even remotely as, on client’s request, the lesson can be recorded and saved and a portal will also be active for any questions or clarifications.

The participation to these advanced training courses by your staff will then increase the degree of autonomy in the management of the machines/systems supplied in order to be able to take full advantage of production performance while minimizing operating costs.


Customers who sign the remote digital assistance contract will dispose of augmented reality software and platforms in order to be assisted and supported during technical assistance operations or remote installations.

I-Tech technology allows every operator to communicate with our experts both via chat and via video sharing, simply by downloading an application on their mobile device.

Our experts will answer and see in real time the machine or plant where it is necessary to intervene diagnosing the problem in the easiest and fastest way.

Thanks to the augmented reality and artificial vision functionality, the remote assistant can draw, annotate and signal the intervention points that the operator will watch on his screen in real time. The ability to take photos and record videos also allows the customer to use the platform as a tool for archiving interventions and as continuous training.

The goal of our revolutionary service is therefore to shorten the distances between I-Tech and the customer as much as possible, as it will be possible to provide assistance and support anywhere in the world at any time, drastically reducing intervention times and costs.


Periodic preventive maintenance concerns all the procedures such as checking, verifying, setting up, replacing or supplying spare parts and parts subject to wear, and it’s performed at predetermined intervals (specific depending on the type of the machine/system supplied) and aiming to reduce the probability of breakdown or degradation of the operation of a product. I-Tech will carry out all the preventive maintenance procedures proided by the service manuals, as well as the parameters checks, the adjustments or any calibrations, thus guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of the machines.


In addition to, or as an alternative to, periodic preventive maintenance contracts and the remote help desk service, it is also possible to take advantage of our corrective maintenance service. In this case, I-Tech will provide an intervention on site in order to restore the correct operation of the machine or system that requires assistance. Our specialized technicians will then work on your site to solve technical problems if these cannot be solved remotely.


I-Tech can get and deliver to its customers every necessary spare parts with extremely rapid delivery times and ensuring maximum safety during the transport. All spare parts installed by us or supplied as part of the maintenance service will be new, original and congruent with the design of the machine or system concerned.

We therefore offer two spare parts packages for each machine or system installed by us:

  • Survivor spare parts kit
    It contains the parts subjected to the most frequent wear and/or pieces of vital importance for the operation of the machine in order to avoid a plant stop or a breakdown. It also represents a sort of machine kit that the technician can use in the start-up phase (thus avoiding the waiting for spare parts in case of breakages during start-up).
  • Complete spare parts kit
    This kit contains a more complete list of spare parts, including other materials subject to long-term wear.


Nowadays the production, logistic or technological needs of our customers require frequent changes or repositioning of the machines or systems and I-Tech offers a professional consulting service on modification, transformation or displacement of the supplied products.

In particular, the service includes an on-site intervention by our staff in case of:

  • Structural changes (such as use transformations, expansions, software implementation or insertion of optionals and other accessories);
  • Relocation or moving within the same establishment or in a different location;
  • Upgrade on request, according to specific customer needs;
  • Upgrade on our proposal, based on the evolution of the technologies used.


This type of intervention involves the partial recovery of the existing system and the supply of new parts, software or control tools in order to upgrade the machine/plant to a modern version/functionality.