I-NKFILLER®, the original and most installed automatic filling system entirely designed and built by I-TECH, is not only the ideal system for the digital printers’ ink tanks refilling on line, but also for the special effects, engobes, enamels or glues transmissions to the destination areas.

In ceramic, digital glue is a high-consumption raw material for which a standard production can reach an average consumption of up to 80gr/m2, or about 440 gr/min per line. For the operator performing the operations manually, this means having to refill each printer’s tank every 11 min.

With I-NKFILLER® it is no longer necessary! Our system allows digital printers to be refilled with ink quickly and completely automatically.

So today we want to present a further application of I-NKFILLER® as a fully automatic supply system of digital glues to the respective application systems on the ceramic glazing lines.

Suitable for all types of production, plant size or product management, I-NKFILLER® DG (Digital Glues), has been designed to transfer digital glues to production lines in a fully automatic way as soon as the bars of the printers need it.

Equipped with an on-board 3.5″ HMI controller thanks to which it is possible to manage up to 4 digital printers (3 if there is a recirculation pipe), the system allows constant transmission and supervision of consumption data thanks to the integrated PIM software installed on the remote PC.

With storage in IBC tanks available in different capacities: 500lt, 700lt, 1000lt, 1300lt, I-NKFILLER® DG allows a uniform and homogeneous conservation of the product. Through a piping system designed on the basis of the layout of each plant, the system therefore creates a “drop on demand” product dispensing process in order to have the right amount of digital glue only when needed, drastically reducing product waste and automating the procedures guaranteeing a perfect efficiency of the entire process.



Automatic filtration

Level sensors

Automatic refill

Pump for recirculation