The PROCOLOR INK MANAGER is a state-of-the-art web app and technology developed by I-TECH for the I-NKFILLER® system.
PIM is a transfer visualization web app, aimed at optimizing product consumption control, installed on a single PC but accessible from all devices in the enterprise network.

Advantage and description

PIM offers the ability to customize data visualization through the application of filters by product, quantity supplied, origin or destination.

PROCOLOR INK MANAGER is an intuitive tool for more efficient management of corporate product consumption, thanks to the ability to export the analysis results to Excel and add charts to the representation.


Consumption monitoring and traceability

By interacting with sensors and a PLC, the PIM provides an accurate report of ink consumption, associating it with the production batch, monitoring and recording each loading and unloading of the storage tank.

Simple interface

Designed to simplify operations and facilitate the user.


Interconnection with various customer software (ERP / MES / SCADA) to provide users with real-time access to all process information, data and analysis.