L.I.M.E.s. is a sophisticated software solution developed by I-TECH for industrial production management. Designed to be integrated with the dosing and storage area in order to supervise working conditions and process parameters.
Using appropriate sets of sensors, it is possible to supervise raw material storage and tank levels. Thanks to the supervision software, it will be possible to keep track of the total expected consumption. In this way, the upstream coloring system will prepare the right quantities limiting downtime, consumption and waste.

Advantage and description

This innovative application allows complete control of the production process through a personal computer properly configured to communicate bidirectionally with devices and machinery on the line.

Designed to automatically integrate with logistics software, the supply network and other machines in the production cycle. Thanks to the sensors and transducers on the machines, it is possible to collect real-time information about the status of the system ( for example, the level of product inventory in stock) in order to plan the activities necessary to service the machines themselves (for example, ordering raw materials for replenishment).


Simple and Intuitive

Simple, fully integrated software interface that controls the entire production by managing plants and machines in the various production areas.


It imports the recipes to be prepared in the correct quantities and brings them WHEN and WHERE it is needed.
This makes it possible to reduce overproduction and avoid underproduction!

Internal workflow monitoring

It measures the quantities produced with the quantities used by calculating any unused inventories.

Reduction of water and chemical consumption

Washing system thought and designed on the theme of wastewater and discharges of chemicals!

Researching, mapping and monitoring of process KPI

Allows monitoring of production parameters:

  • machine efficiency
  • performance index
  • quality index
  • consumption