The Technological Transformation of Ceramic Tile Production

I-NKFILLER® is the original and most installed automatic ink filling system entirely designed and built by I-TECH to automatically, cost-effectively and quickly refill the digital printers’ reservoirs in line.

With this BASIC version, I-Tech offers a stand alone solution, suitable for all customers who would like to manage an automatic ink, special effects, glues and engobes or digital glazes’ refilling into digital printer’s reservoirs, in a completely automatic and fast way.


The system can be equipped with IBC tanks of any size: 500lt, 700lt, 1000lt, 1300lt and can also be equipped with a pipes’s recirculation system. The limit is given only by the number of machines that this version can manage, that is n. 4 (3 if there is the pipes recirculation optional).

Even in this case the digital ink is kept moved into the tank thanks to a recirculation system on 4 points and, thanks to its characteristic conical bottom, I-NKFILLER® guarantees a fluid withdrawal of product and prevents product’s sedimentation.



The BASIC version is the only one, in addition to X-BASIC, to provide for the presence of the PLC / HMI directly on the panel of each SMARTY in order to manage and supervise every operation through its own software: PIM and WEB VIEWER.

The ink will be filtered and transferred to the digital printer without any need for operator supervision, the process will in fact be fully settable and supervised via its touch screen monitor and it is also possible to analyze consumption data and reports from any company PC.



I-NKFILLER® BASIC also provides for the manual withdrawal of small quantities of ink to fill containers such as jerry can through the appropriate manual product withdrawal point.



  • Control via HMI 3.5″
  • Possibility of being connected to max 4 machines
  • Possibility of being connected to up to 3 digital machines if equipped with recirculation
  • Not expandable beyond 4 digital machines
  • Available in volumes of 500, 700, 1000, 1300 liters
  • Collection, transmission and supervision of ink consumption data with our PIM software on a remote PC