Today we introduce you our fully automatic SUPREMA dosing system alongside our PROCOLOR management and supervision software.

SUPREMA is I-Tech dosing system for an automated preparation of glazes and engobes which is part of the Colormix product line and which allows you to create any type of colored product with extreme precision and speed.


Ideal to prepare large quantities of liquid products in a very short time, SUPREMA is developed to dose the product with the gravimetric principle in order to ensure a very high precision and repeatability in each single batch in order to avoid waiting for the results of the “control relay”.

Consisting of a linear movement dosing head, SUPREMA is able to prepare recipes containing up to a maximum of 72 different products, guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product.

The integration of FLUIDENS sensors for real-time detection of product density and temperature, in combination with the algorithm included in the plant management software, PROCOLOR, guarantees that the final “dry” content is always the same as well as the consequent coloring power of the dispensed suspension.

Once dosed, the product is homogenized and made available for subsequent transport and / or automated handling (using the G.O.D. system) to the other using areas on glazing lines.

The entire system is modular and fully customizable according to needs, in fact even the raw material storage area can be configured by type and size based on the layout and customer needs.

The entire system is managed completely automatically by the PROCOLOR software developed entirely by I-TECH ™ in a Microsoft Framework environment with Visual Basic.net language.


Equipped with a version for the production and management of operations and another version that can be installed on the company PC for the supervision and monitoring of activities, PROCOLOR allows you to acquire formulas generated by your company software and to dose the raw materials in the quantity necessary for form the final product.


Thanks to its revolutionary proprietary algorithms PROCOLOR is a machine learning software capable of automatically learning how to maximize production without operator intervention.
The software, for example, will auto-calibrate your products to maintain the tolerance for each individual component during dosing, will automatically retrieve products from another recipe that is not fully used and compatible with the one in use to eliminate waste, or will organize the daily workflow with optimal planning and organization.