The fully automated solution proposed by I-TECH for the intralogistic transfer of glazes, engobes which manages all the delivery operations of glazes, engobes and other products from the preparation area to the point of use on every glazing line without any operator intervention that meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 and LEAN MANUFACTURING

Ideal for the preparation (when combined with the Colormix systems) or for the management and transfer of glazes and engobes from the production area to the area of ​​use on the glazing lines, G.O.D. is an increasingly widespread system in the most prestigious and innovative ceramics on a global level.

Thanks to our expert team of engineers, the company production processes, activities and resources used in the preparation and transfer cycle of glazing products have been analyzed, starting from the procurement of raw materials to the use of the various semi-finished products on the various lines of enamelling for the realization of the finished product.

From the analysis it immediately emerged that operations often are not 100% efficient with significant effects on productivity. In most cases, resources (human, time, raw materials and infrastructure and consequently economic) are dissipated in moments of transaction from one activity to another and from one business area to another.

I-TECH has developed a solution to these problems. We have studied and implemented a real integratedinterconnected and customizable solution to bring about a real increase in production efficiency and maximization of the production yield of our customers through an optimization of company procedures, a better exploitation of the operations and activities of the entire production.

The G.O.D. it therefore allows the product to be transferred automatically, from the grinding / preparation area to the various points of use on the glazing lines recalled by the operator (PULL logic) or automatically when connected to the I-GLAZE system.


The product can then be transferred to the glazing lines through a series of overhead pipes and peristaltic pumps in a completely automatic way.



Here, with a simple and effective selection of the product from the delivery points, it will be possible to quickly and automatically recall the final product.

No waste, no effort, no operators needed. The whole plant is managed by a supervision system that can be interfaced with any type of company system and be able to measure the quantity of product transferred in real time in order to always have the quantity of liquid transferred under control. Thanks to a transducer it is also possible to constantly monitor the density of the transferred product and I-GLAZE will adjust it if necessary.


The entire system is self-cleaning! Each tube will be washed after the transfer of each product in order to avoid any kind of contamination with subsequent products.

The plant is specially tailored for each customer based on the layout of the structure and production needs to ensure the customer the perfect solution for a tangible increase in the production efficiency of the plant.