COLOR HERE: I-TECH presents its latest solution at the Simac Tanning Tech fair

Environmental sutainability and colorful finishing in the tanning industry

COLOR HERE is an integrated solution that guarantees high production performance and high efficiency in the leather finishing process It’s a cutting-edge solution that meets the requirements of Industry 5.0 with a lean manufacturing logic with very low environmental impact. The results are avoidance of overproduction of processing waste and relevant reduction of washing water consumption.

Process expertise and ingrained know-how have enabled us to develop a solution capable of researching, mapping and monitoring process KPIs. This data are key information that provides a complete view of costs, problems, and timelines about the entire production.

COLOR HERE includes an automatic dosing system and an intralogistics transfer and handling system for color mixtures that not only ensure process efficiency but also safety.

Sustainability and traceability are major topics in the tanning industry, and we have also decided to make our contribution in this perspective. COLOR HERE is presented as a sustainable solution since it decreases the consumption of liquid raw materials and reduces the use of wash water. L.I.M.E.s keeps track of every raw material which has been stored, used and/or recovered inside the finishing department. Likewise, energy consumption can be tracked for each job order.