I-NKFILLER®, the original and most installed automatic refilling system entirely designed and manufactured by I-TECH, is also ideal for many digital special effects transfer such as:









In a constantly changing and updating context, I-Tech wants to guarantee ceramics the best technology for the management of these “new” materials in order to make the most of all the digital production advantages. Thanks to our Research & Development department, I-NKFILLER® has always designed the most suitable materials and components for each product.

Thanks to many years of study and research by our process experts, we then implemented the applications of the I-NKFILLER® system to allow the management and transfer of ceramic materials to the production lines with a “Drop On Demand” system that allows the right quantity transfer of product only when needed.


The use of the I-NKFILLER® system for the management of special ceramic effects brings numerous advantages for the company:


  • No product waste (normally the product residue in a tank ranges from 3 to 6% of the content)
  • Reduction of the jerry cans’s disposal cost
  • Better quality of raw materials
  • Significant time savings
  • More efficient and organized production
  • No need for manual intervention
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Materials always filtered and shaken before use
  • Constant monitoring of transfers
  • Information archive and process analysis


The best solution to transfer the material effect from the preparation area to the area of ​​use in a simple, fast and automatic way to make production more efficient!


The Procolor Ink Manager Software promptly reports material consumption by associating it with the production batch and monitoring and recording all the loads and discharges that occur in the storage container. All these data are stored in a database (MS SQL) with the possibility of being shared with other customer software (ERP / MES / SCADA) in order to ensure operators have access to all data, information and analysis in real time.