The Technological Transformation of Ceramic Tile Production


With the aim of increasing the production efficiency, performance and quality of its customers’ products, I-Tech presents its Lean Manufacturing intralogistics solution aimed at transforming companies into real Smart Industries capable of managing and supervising production with a view to 4.0 Industry. Generating the maximum amount of value for the customer with the minimum amount of waste is the purpose of the company.

Through the implementation of integrated solutions for the automated preparation of semi-finished products such as glazes and ceramic inks and the respective intralogistics handling, I-Tech offers you a management of raw materials, mill processing processes, storage of semi-finished products and related handling. towards the glazing lines, able to increase the efficiency of your processes with a drastic reduction in errors and a perfect optimization of the quality of the finished product.

A systematic and punctual collection of data is also transformed into clear information to allow operators and managers to be able to make the right decisions in ever faster times. The “LIMES” software, through a modern interface, allows you to control the entire production and, thanks to a powerful database, provides the bidirectional exchange with the various devices and line machinery, manages the entire plant and coordinates the machines of the various business areas.

I-Tech is therefore able to revolutionize production by providing you in real time with a detailed forecast of consumption, the final consumption by lot, an inventory on the work in progress and constant monitoring of the production performance of your glazes, engobes or digital inks in the glazing lines in order to definitively cancel phenomena of overproduction, underproduction, excess stocks, useless transport and handling or production losses.